Jim Fusco, Musician, Singer, Songwriter.
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The Complete
Jim Fusco Discography

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Studio Albums

The Easy Ways by Jim Fusco

"The Easy Ways"
Released September 20, 2014

Those Around Us by Jim Fusco

"Those Around Us"
Released January 13, 2012

Homestead's Revenge by MoU

"Halfway There"
Released April 7, 2009

Masters of the Universe by MoU

"Homestead's Revenge"
Released April 1, 2008


"Masters of the Universe"
Released March 31, 2006

What About Today

"What About Today?"
Released May 2, 2005

That's All

"That's All..."
Released November 27, 2003


Released Feb. 14, 2003

My Other Half

"My Other Half"
Released June 20, 2002

With Or Without You

"With or Without You"
Released April 17, 2001

Holiday Albums

14 Days of Christmas 2015

"14 Days of Christmas"
Released December 19, 2015

Christmas album

"Our Christmas Gift To You"
Released November 25, 2004

Singles / EPs


"Jamnation 1 " EP
Released Oct. 9, 2007


"Meaningless: Echoes of Dreams" EP
Released October 31, 2006

Live in the Studio

"Live in the Studio"
Released Nov. 25, 2004

Roll Off My Back

"Roll Off My Back" Single
Released late 2001

"That's All...For Now"Released October 2003

"The Best of Jim Fusco, Vol. 1"Released February 1, 2004

"What About April 26th?" Released April 8, 2005