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"Homestead's Revenge"
by Masters of the Universe

  CD - $10.00

MoU's crowning achievement on record- "Homestead's Revenge"
is indie rock music at its very best.

MoU's first album garnered plenty of accolades, including a spot in the Top 50 albums of 2006 by a New Haven magazine. Now, MoU is back with another set that's even more diverse and complex than their first.

This album contains 12 tracks, three written by the band as a collective unit, three by Jim, three by Mike, two by Chris, and one by Cliff (and the other band members).

Other than on a couple of tracks, the band loses the demo-quality "live" sound and replaces the sound with a well-produced effort. You'll hear wonderful choir-like harmonies sung by all five band members. MoU truly is like no band out there!

homesteads revenge homestead's back cover mou masters of the universe

Enjoy collaborations and amazing vocal harmonies on
the best album you'll buy this year!

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  CD - $10.00

"Masters of the Universe " is Copyright 2008 Jim Fusco.  U.S. copyrights pending.


masters of the universe

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