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"Jamnation 1"
by Chris, Jim, & Jeff

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"Jamnation 1" by Chris, Jim, and Jeff

Get this EP of 7 tracks (and 8 songs!) all LIVE in the studio ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    "Jamnation" joined three musicians in the studio, where they played songs, new and old, live. They sing and play instruments together live, then grab three more instruments and overdub live to make the sound of a six person live band!

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    This first installment was recorded on October 7th, 2007 in the original FMP Studios in Meriden, CT. Jim Fusco, Chris Moore, and Jeff Copperthite combined to do an 8 song, 7 track EP of songs, including two songs never previously released before!

    Raw and real, these songs show how much the FMP crew just loves to play music together. And, to prove it, we're GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE! That's right, add this EP to your cart and get ready for some great music, live in the studio!

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"Jamnation 1" by Chris, Jim, and Jeff

"Jamnation 1" is Copyright 2007 Jim Fusco.  U.S. copyrights pending.

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