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"The Best of Jim Fusco, Vol. 1"

DVD- $9.00
DVD & CD Set- $12.00

This DVD contains 13 music videos, 10 surround sound mixes,
4 slideshows, and 3 live performances for only $9.00!
Add the CD companion for only three dollars more!

     After Jim's first five albums, which you can view by visiting his Discography page, it was time for him to put his video production skills (his major in college) to work.  Started in February, 2004 and completed in late September of the same year, this eight month project is as in-depth as anything Jim has done.

     The project started with song selections for the "best" Jim Fusco songs.  This process, done by Jim, Becky Daly, and Chris Moore, ended up with a list of 21 songs.  Jim wanted to keep it at an even twenty, but Chris always has to be different...

     That didn't matter, anyway, because Jim wanted to add another surprise song for Becky, the "My Other Half" song, "An Ear Into My Soul" because of its surround sound possibilities.

     And yes, all of the 22 songs are completely remixed and re-mastered into true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio (we have the license to prove it!).  This painstaking process was just as hard to do as the videos themselves, but the result is amazing.  There are guitars and vocals coming at you from all angles!

     Of course, some songs aren't suitable for their own music videos, so Jim decided that the best way to include these songs was to just put their surround mixes on the DVD.  In fact, four of these ten songs (there's a special vocals-only mix for "Happy Tears", a big hit on the Brian Wilson website) have their own slideshows with rare Jim photos from the time-period of each song.

     Last, to make this project complete, Jim put on three live performances, two of which have never been seen before online, on the disc.  The quality may be lacking a bit, but to see how these three songs ("A Changed Man", "That Was the Day", and "Break It To Me Slow") translated into live performances was worth inclusion on this DVD.

     The disc also contains FULL COLOR artwork with beautiful photos and full color on-disc printing.  The disc is printed on and manufactured by a professional company, ensuring a true "store-bought" DVD experience!

You can't find a better deal, or a better DVD, for only $9.00!  Remember
to add the CD companion, with all the original 21 songs, for only $3 extra!
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DVD- $9.00
DVD & CD Set - $12.00

"The Best of Jim Fusco, Vol. 1" DVD and CD are Copyright 2004 James Fusco.  U.S. copyrights pending.

Thirteen of the songs ended up having
music videos for them, and you can preview
four of the videos below:

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