14 Days of Christmas

The entire album is FREE to download! Click the icons in the player above to download each song in mp3 format.

      What should a new parent do with the Christmas season approaching? They should probably focus on the task at hand and tend to the baby. Jim Fusco didn’t get the memo…

      Christmas 2015 was a tumultous time for Jim. After finding out his longtime job was moving across the country, he was in the midst of a job hunt while caring for his 2-month old baby (thankfully, his wife did most of the work!). But, to brighten things up a bit, Jim volunteered to perform at Meriden, CT’s Christmas in the Village, a free festival he attends each year. Of course, once he volunteered to play, HE was then volunteered to book all the other entertainment, provide the sound system for the show, and MC the event!

      And if that wasn’t enough, Jim had to get ambitious and record the backing tracks (instruments and backing vocals) to the songs he’d play at the show. That way, it wouldn’t sound so much like a one man band. So, while he was at it, he figured he should just record the lead vocal and guitar, too! That way, he could release the songs and get double the milage out of his recordings.

      So, Jim Fusco’s 14 Days of Christmas was born. He decided to release each song one day at a time as a little gift to everyone online. And now, you can download the entire album for FREE any time you want! We hope you’ll enjoy it year after year.

And in 2016, Jim remastered the whole collection so it sounds better than ever! You can download the remastered album for FREE at CDBaby via the links above.