Biography of Jim Fusco

The Story of Jim Fusco (so far…)

Jim Fusco was born in 1984 and lived with his parents and brother (Mike) in Wallingford, CT. Jim and Mike spent all of their time together growing-up, beginning to play music at an early age. As a gift one year, Mike received a small plastic drum set, but both used the toy instrument. Jim then asked for his own drum set: first getting a beginners kit, then graduating to a full-sized drum set that he still uses today.

Jim began to take drum lessons in fourth grade and learned all the various drum techniques needed to play full songs. Through his years of schooling, Jim mastered the instrument. However, this left Jim wanting more. So, he took over a hundred dollars he saved up to buy an electric keyboard. He began to teach himself how to play and began work with MIDI programming on the computer.

When Jim came up with a few songs on the keyboard, he began production on his first album, “With or Without You,” completed in 2001. This album consisted of fifteen songs and a theme of being either with someone or without someone in every song. He recorded using the MIDI productions he programmed and added real drums and vocals to the mix using a Fostex 4-track mixer.

Jim slowly began work on his second album, “My Other Half,” completed in June, 2002. This album, which eventually became a 27-track double disc set, also had a theme: a complete relationship in songs from beginning to end. Through the use of a computer multi-track recorder, better skills at the keyboard, writing partner Chris Moore (with help on lyrics), and the new acquisition of guitar to his songs (though, sparsely), Jim created a masterpiece that was hailed by everyone who heard it.

Honing his guitar skills even more, Jim then began work on his third album, “Formula,” completed in February, 2003. This album’s title suggested it’s theme: a satire on the common “formula” album. These albums usually consist of only ten tracks, the fast starting song, the love song, the single, filler, the “B-side” track, the “push the envelope” song, and the big closer. This album was a transitional album for Jim, as he recorded half the album on tape and half on the computer. Also, some of the songs were written during the previous album’s sessions and others were written more recently. The differences in song quality and production really show through on this album. Jim’s guitar skills were limited to using it as a rhythm instrument, and the Jim’s experimental sounds (including heavy reverb on the vocal tracks) made this album an “in between” effort for Jim.

Proving this theory was Jim’s next album release, “That’s All…”, completed nine months after, in November, 2003. This disc contained two complete albums on one disc. The first album, “That’s All Folks,” consisted of contemporary folk songs Jim composed. The second album, “That’s All Jim,” contained songs in Jim’s own style. These songs were very highly acclaimed by music professors, students, Language teachers, art teachers, and friends alike.  Read more about this album and purchase it online by clicking HERE!

Next, Jim turned to writing and completed a novel he had started in his senior year of high school, called There’s No Stepping Back. This novel was a big accomplishment for Jim and completes a life goal for him. The book now sells online at!

September of 2004 brought Jim’s next project, a sort of “final frontier” as far as different media goes. He tackled music and print, leaving only a DVD left to do. His first project, “The Best of Jim Fusco, Vol. 1” debuted and featured many music videos, surround sound mixes, slideshows, and live performances. It’s definitely a new way to experience Jim’s songs!

Next came Jim’s collaboration with Chris Moore and Becky Daly on the “Live in the Studio” album. After getting many accolades for their “tight harmonies” in their live shows, the trio decided to record an album of them playing and singing live, and having Jim overdub the drums and bass later.

Jim’s sixth studio album was released on May 2nd, 2005, just days after Jim’s 21st birthday.  “What About Today?” features songs that are linked together by musical interludes and blending of tracks through chord progressions. This definitely proved a step up for Jim’s songwriting ability and work on the electric guitar. The melodies, solos, and lyrics are all much stronger on this album than on previous releases. The music has more of an “edge” to it because Jim was confident enough in his sound (with help from his 24-bit digital recording capabilities) to experiment with more guitar distortion effects.

April 2009 marked the release of Jim’s next studio album, “Halfway There”, which expanded on all of the progress from his previous works. This album features a beautiful original painting for the cover, plus songs written about that feeling of not reaching your full potential in life. Jim’s use of multiple instruments, layered harmonies, and progressive songwriting skills made this an incredible album for him, both musically and personally.

In January of 2012, Jim released “Those Around Us”, an album that took the advancements made in “Halfway There” even further. Adding 12-string electric guitar, lap steel guitar, and a Wurlitzer electric piano, “Those Around Us” is yet another step ahead for Jim’s sound. He got the album professionally mastered for an even bigger “big label” sound. Focusing on the people around him that he cares about, “Those Around Us” is also a step forward in songwriting as well as musical skill. He even got the album painted by the same artist who did “Halfway There”, Ben Quesnel.

September 2014 brought the release of Jim’s ninth solo album, “The Easy Ways”. Going back to his original introspective lyrics, Jim recorded his first concept album since “What About Today?” nine years earlier. The album features both full songs and connecting “vignettes” that give the album the feeling of a complete thought. The end of one song is the beginning of the next song. Jim took it a step further with this release, as he even incorporated sections of songs in other songs later in the album. Jim stayed with the same mastering house for this album and got the cover painted again by master artist Ben Quesnel. But, the sound was expanded from the sound of “Those Around Us” because of the new guitars, amps, drum microphones, bass sound, and addition of a Hammond organ.

Jim released a Christmas album in 2015 entitled “The 14 Days of Christmas” where he released one song a day for 14 days during the holiday season. A combination of original songs and covers of his favorite Christmas tunes is presented in the unmistakable “Jim Fusco sound”.

After a long hiatus, playing in a cover band while attending graduate school, working, and raising two kids, Jim returned to recording with 2021’s “Reconnecting”. This was not only Jim reconnecting with music and recording after a six year break, but also with Chris Moore, who wrote the lyrics to most of the album’s 14 songs.

2023 saw the creation of “Shades of Inconvenience”, which was an even more in-depth collaboration between Chris and Jim This varied, exciting album of original songs is focused on the ever-growing guitar collection Jim has alongside his trademark harmonies and songwriting abilities. The album was released in August of 2023.

Jim is a father of two, has an MBA, and works as a Supply Chain Director for a major healthcare company. Jim earned his CPIM designation from APICS (Supply-Chain Management professional organization) and CMRP certification from AHRMM. Jim is married to his high school sweetheart, Becky, and they live in Wallingford, CT. Even though Jim has a comfortable life as a husband and father now, he plans on making many more pushes in the music business and will stop at nothing to get his music heard!

Did you know that Jim wrote a novel?

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Original artwork of Jim Fusco as a Beatle, a Beach Boy and Bob Dylan by the great John Grabar – thanks, John!