There’s No Stepping Back – A Novel by Jim Fusco

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“There’s No
Stepping Back”
A Novel by Jim Fusco

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     In his senior year of high school, Jim Fusco set out to completely analyze the increasingly complex friendship between himself and his best friend..

     Over two years later, Jim found himself in the midst of writing, what he calls, A Fictitious Biography about himself, his friends, their lives, their quirks, their habits, and Jim’s newfound love.

     The story is of Gene and Al, two friends living in Boston and trying to find their own directions in life. When Al learns of disappointing news at work, it’s up to Gene to keep everything in order. Their lives would never be the same, but could that be what they’d wanted all along?

     This great novel by Jim Fusco is sure to please.  It’s got an interesting plot, a love story, and has humor- what else could you want? If you think you know everything about Jim and haven’t read “There’s No Stepping Back” yet, then you don’t know as much as you think you do!

     Even though this book reflects a time in Jim’s life now long-gone, you can definitely understand how Jim has shaped his personality over the years. There was a lot of maturity learned and self-actualization in the writing of this book, and it shows when you read it.

There’s No Stepping Back
“Perfectbound” Paperback, 141 pgs.

You can buy it NOW from Jim’s Store by clicking here!

There’s No Stepping Back is Copyright 2004 Jim Fusco.  U.S. copyrights pending.


There's No Stepping Back Jim Fusco