Halfway There

Reconnecting by Jim Fusco

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After a four-year stint trying new projects, such as the successful band, MoU, Jim Fusco decided to record an album using all the recording techniques he learned over the years.

Using the latest in recording technology coupled with top-notch musical equipment (including new all-tube amplifiers and organic effects), Jim recorded his most professional and mature album to date in “Halfway There”.

From top to bottom, this album features songs that came to Jim as inspirations- some from analyzing his early-life decisions and some even from his incredible trip to Italy. The range of instruments (which includes a mandolin) on this album surpasses all previous efforts, as does Jim’s attention to detail in both the musicianship and vocal work.

The album is completely mastered to top studio standards, so the mix sounds clear and loud over any stereo system. The vocals stand out in the mix (which is definitely a benefit, considering that some songs contain double-tracked five-part harmonies!), as does the bass guitar, which has always been tough to hear in previous Jim Fusco albums. Somehow, though, the album still retains a warm sound- there’s virtually no way to tell if this album was recorded at a multimillion dollar recording studio or in Jim’s home studio. We’ll never tell…

Acoustic performance of “Tuning In” from the album.

So, what is “Halfway There” all about? Well, in a nutshell, “Halfway There” is really a feeling. You know- that feeling you get when you sit back and think about where you ended up in life. You may be perfectly happy, but no matter what, for most people, you never really end up realizing your full potential. This is a constant for 99% of people, so it wasn’t necessary to point this fact out- moreover, Jim decided he wanted to explore what he felt were the reasons why he ended up feeling “halfway there” in life. Is it because he settled-down early in life? Is it because of bad luck? Is it laziness? Jim talks about it all and brings it all back around, realizing that maybe feeling “halfway there” was what he really wanted after all.

“Halfway There” may just be the best piece of music you purchase this year- give an up-and-coming artist’s music a chance and we guarantee you’ll be glad you did, or your money back.