“Isolation” b/w “Get Right And Ride On” Vinyl Single

Buy the vinyl single, which includes a copy of the full “Reconnecting” album on CD: $15 and free shipping!

So, you work for months or even years on a new album, just to release it…as a bunch of mp3 files? No, no, that can’t be all you have to show for countless hours of work!

CD’s aren’t really the norm anymore, but what else can you do? Enter, the vinyl single.

The “Reconnecting” album was too long to fit onto one LP and the costs to produce a double-album are prohibitive in small quantities. So, the decision was made to create a 45rpm vinyl single of the album’s lead track, “Isolation”, backed with the first Fusco-Moore original in over 10 years, “Get Right And Ride On”. The single features original artwork (different from the album) and was produced in an extremely limited quantity- once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Each purchase of the single comes with a copy of the “Reconnecting” album on, yes, good ol’ fashioned CD. That way, you have that pristine version for your digital devices while still being able to rock it old school on vinyl.