Live In The Studio

Live In The Studio by Chris, Jim and Becky

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     2004 debuted the first CD by the trio of Chris, Jim, and Becky.  They had been playing songs for awhile, and with the acquisition of Jim’s 24-track digital recorder with 8 tracks of simultaneous recording, the possibility of capturing the trio’s sound for CD release was realized.

     The group sat in a circle and sang their three part harmonies live, all while playing their instruments, which included guitars and electric piano.  Jim Fusco went back after to record the drums and the bass.  With only these tools, the album still comes out sounding full and clear- especially with all the new professional equipment!

      This CD has a brand new Chris Moore song called, “Marie,” a new song from Jim Fusco, “Harmony”, and a new song from both Jim and Chris, called, “Where Are We Now?”  The CD also only costs $5.00, which is a special offer in order to get more people introduced  to the music of Chris, Jim, and Becky!  Order today!