Masters Of The Universe

Masters the Universe album

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     Close your eyes and imagine a team of five that combines guitar, drum, bass, harmonica, and vocal skills together to create new rock’n’roll music. Now, open your eyes and look at the panel to the right–it exists! Masters of the Universe is a new band that aims to bring real rock music back in the public eye.

     The songwriting of Jim Fusco, Mike Fusco, and Chris Moore is thrown in front of these five talented musicians (which include bassist/vocalist Cliff Huizenga and vocalist/percussionist Becky Daly). Critics and fans alike have raved about the energy this band creates with their songs- you’ll love them at first listen!

     Their debut album consists of twelve songs (5 by Jim, 3 each by Mike and Chris, and one co-written by Jim and Chris). Listen for some great harmonies among the masterfully played music, as MoU shows that music isn’t all about noise, but about the emotion, passion, and true sound of the recording.

      Every song on this disc is a winner- you won’t be disappointed with anything! This album is meant to get MoU out to the world, so they compiled their most likable songs together and polished it off for that true album feeling. The best part is, you can really hear the contributions from each member- you’ll realize why each member is an integral part of this band.