Reconnecting by Jim Fusco

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A lot can happen in seven years. A person can move, have two kids, get a new job, record and release a Christmas album, get a Master’s Degree, join a band and so much more. And that’s exactly what happened to Jim Fusco between 2014 (after the release of “The Easy Ways”) and 2021, which brought the release of “Reconnecting”.

After such a long hiatus, where to begin? The song ideas were there, but the studio wasn’t. Relocating the studio for a third time, Jim decided to create a permanent setup that would allow him to simply “press record” and begin laying down a track. The setup took a while to get right, but once it was done, the recording for the album happened quickly.

There were starts and stops (remember those two kids?) but between battling illness, a busy work schedule, a ton of land to maintain, and everything else that takes up the time of a guy in his mid-30’s, Jim was able to get the job done. It really couldn’t have happened as quickly as it did without the assistance of legendary writing partner, Chris Moore, who contributed lyrics to 8 of the album’s 14 songs. Having someone to impress with each recording, the ambition that comes along with collaborating, and reconnecting (get it??) with an old friend proved to be the spark that got the album done.

The use of over 20 different electric guitars, a powerful new way of recording the drums, and post-production mastering tools make each track sound lively and different from each other. The album’s theme is apparent in the lyrics and the fact that it was relatively simple to make (not accounting for the countless hours of practice and performance, of course!) is a good sign that it won’t be seven years until the next one.