Shades of Inconvenience

Shades of Inconvenience by Jim Fusco

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Jim’s 2023 album, Shades of Inconvenience, was a study in experimenting and writing in many different styles. Let’s face it- Jim doesn’t have to meet deadlines to record albums, worry about pleasing millions of fans, or any of the other pressures that professional musicians face. So, why write a song that you don’t love? And who cares if it’s in a style that you haven’t dabbled in very much. As long as it’s a good tune, performed well, it’ll come out great.

And that’s exactly what we have here- 14 songs that are varied, different from anything that came before, and somehow still “Jim”. Of course, the “formula” of the jangly guitars, rock’n’roll beat and harmonies is still there throughout. But maybe one song has a reggae feel, one like an old gospel song, and one like it’s right out of the late 70’s. Try not to like it.

This album was again helped out by the poignant and clever lyrics of Chris Moore, who penned 11 of the 14 songs along to Jim’s melodies. Jim is featured on all vocals and instruments throughout except for the drums on the opus of an opening track, “Reach For Me”. The album is is a collection of great tunes and some fiery guitar playing, as Jim reached for his growing guitar collection to give a unique sound to just about every track. There’s even one that features nothing but Jim’s Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1968 Reissue, of which there were only 5 made.

An enjoyable album to make and to listen to, these songs are sure to please.