That’s All…

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     There’s something for everyone on this CD.  Released late 2003, this disc contains two separate albums, released at the same time.  So, you get TWO for the price of half of one!

     The first album is called “That’s All Folks”, and consists of contemporary folk music.  This is a first for Jim, who usually sticks to rock’n’roll.  All the songs are written by Jim, including two tracks co-written with Chris Moore.  This album starts off with a blues song, but don’t get fooled: the rest of the album has ten more tracks of acoustic guitar and vocals-driven songs, that are anything but bluesy.  Listen to some samples by clicking on the icons below:

     Not into folk music?  Then “That’s All…” still has you covered.  The second album on the disc, “That’s All Jim”, is the most highly acclaimed Jim Fusco album to date (he has had three others in the past).

     This album contains a song for just about any mood or style you may want to hear.  For instance, the first song is a fast-paced piano-driven song.  Track two is a slow piano-based ballad- Jim’s best to date.  Track three is the “single” off the album- a fast-paced acoustic and wah-wah guitar, drums, bass, and vocal punch.  Track four is played with fine-tuned electric guitar riffs.  Track five is a slower song with a waltz tempo.  Track six is an all-around great song with multiple elements.  Track seven sounds like a mid-1960s Beach Boys production, complete with over ten tracks of Jim’s harmony vocals.  Track eight combines a slow piano riff with a driving drum beat.  Track nine is composed around a bass riff, and track ten combines three songs into one.