MoU Live, Vol. 1

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This DVD contains two full-length concerts, plus
a slideshow of great MoU photos set to music!

See how it all began with this DVD of the Masters’ first two live performances, plus a special slideshow!

The official beginning of MoU was their first live performance. A venue in Hamden, CT for independent music acts, The Space, was the location for this half-hour set. Think of this show as The Cavern Club was to the Beatles! 

Next, the band recorded their first CD and released it on March 31, 2006. This release coincided with a party that would showcase an hour-long MoU performance. Witness these 14 songs in true-to-life stereo surround sound. Turn the volume up- it really sounds like you’re sitting in the center of the crowd! The band gave Cliff his first chance to sing during this show, and they also utilized all five members for some amazing harmonies.

Plus, as an extra, there’s a slideshow of over 30 images from January to June of 2006. In the background, you’ll hear the backing track to a song released on “Meaningless: Echoes of Dreams” by Chris, Jim, and Mike. Just another tidbit that makes this DVD a must-have!