What About Today?

What About Today? by Jim Fusco

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     After over a year of other projects, including a novel and a DVD, Jim Fusco went back into his new-and-improved studio to produce and record his first fully digitally recorded solo album.

     Named after a quote from Jim while walking on a beach in Wildwood, NJ, this album will prove to be Jim’s best work to date.

     After finally hearing Brian Wilson’s fabled SMiLE album as a whole, Jim got the ambition to write an album with a similar style of songs blending into one-another, as he did on his second album, “My Other Half.”  But, unlike “My Other Half,” this new album will feature songs that seamlessly blend together through musical chords.

     The content is more conceptual than on past Jim Fusco albums, but still clings to personal emotions.  Two key tracks from this album (which will be rerecorded specifically for this album because of sound continuity issues) can be found on the 2004 release, “Live in the Studio.”  They are “Harmony” and “Where Are We Now?”.

Acoustic performance: “It’s You”

     Recorded in just three weeks from start to finish, with the classic lineup of Jim Fusco on everything from vocals to all instruments, this album is purely Jim from top to bottom.  He felt great during and after recording this album.  It was mixed twice, with final versions taken from both mixes.  The album is much more ambitious, with great new guitar effects on the solos, more complex melodies during the verses (Jim has successfully broken away from the two-chord verse- something he’s been trying to do for a long time), and much more insightful and catchy lyrics.