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     Jim Fusco’s third album release took a break from the content of his first two albums.  Now in a steady relationship, Jim was free to break away from the vices of a relationship struggle, which is what provided inspiration for over forty songs over his first two albums.

     Jim wanted to make yet another concept album.  The first two albums had a theme running through all of the songs.  This time, Jim wanted to make an album that parodied the common “formula” album.  So, this CD has the “fast, doesn’t sound like anything else on the CD” starter; the love song; the single (A Changed Man); the stand-out break the mold song (For Real); the “B-side” (Break It To Me Slow); and the great closer.  Of course, there’s some mild filler in between…

     “Formula” has two songs, “Break It To Me Slow” and “A Changed Man” that are staples of Chris, Jim, and Becky’s live shows.  Listen to live versions of these songs by clicking HERE.  These two songs also appeared on the “Live in the Studio” album, which features new harmonies to “A Changed Man.”

     This album was recorded half on tape and half on the computer.  Its warmer feeling is a different sound than what Jim is moving towards in later works, but fits the content of this disc very well.  Other stand out songs are the “Best Of” track, “Becky’s Song” and the mystically catchy “For Real.”

     On this album, Jim took songs that he wrote when he was young and updated them for album release.  See if you can guess which ones!